Christian worship has undergone many changes over the millennia. The word of God and our beliefs have remained consistent but our ways of expressing our joy in worship has undergone massive change.

Worshippers in the early church were mere observers. Through the Reformation and subsequent centuries, the participants in worship have taken on a more significant role. We are no longer meant to be passive.

Today there are as many styles as there are churches. Presbyterians in general have remained somewhat conservative as a reformed faith in how we worship. Hand clapping and voiced affirmations are rare if not avoided.

There is no doubt that for the most of us the world has gone through drastic changes technologically. Most of us born in the 20th Century have accepted this new technology as an essential part of the world today. As we enter the third decade of the 21st Century we need to evaluate our style of worship and determine if it is speaking to those of the modern world.

In careful consideration and prayer, the church staff with the approval of Session have ventured to include more technology in our worship. We have purchased monitors which have been installed and that we believe will enhance our worship experience and allow us some additional flexibility. Additionally, this technology will allow us to improve our on-line into the future.

I hope that those who find this addition unsettling can accept that our goal is to bring more into the fold. Two large monitors mounted in the front of our beautiful sanctuary will at first seem jarring. With careful planning the images we project will hopefully lead you in worship and become an important part of our experience.

I miss seeing you all and am excited that we are beginning to come back home. I hope to see you in worship and together we can continue the rich tradition of our historic church.

God’s grace be with you,
Jack Hill