I can’t believe that the Advent season is upon us. In a short few weeks we will gather together as a church and start to celebrate the period when we await the birth of Jesus Christ. The Advent party is a great way to start off the season. Come have lunch, make an Advent wreath and enjoy time of fellowship with one another.
As I approach this season I always look back on the year and it warms my heart to reflect on all that has occurred. The Sunday school attendance has been increasing weekly for children and adults; with children’s attendance tripled this year. There is no doubt the block scheduling has helped but my biggest thanks goes out to the wonderful teachers who have volunteered their time and talents; and to our children who look forward to coming each Sunday.
As we approach the end of the 2018, we look back with gratitude and look ahead with optimism as we hope some exciting and innovative new ideas will add to our entire Christian Education Ministry. Please join us as a teacher, a supportive parent, a member of a small group or in any way your heart leads.
Kristen Franchetti
Christian Education Coordinator