We welcome our new offices (Class of 2021) who will be ordained and installed on Sunday, May 6th. A BIG THANK YOU to those who are going off: Session: Priscilla Flynn, Fred Hills and Ron Mohring; Deacons: Carla Coar, Kim Hill, Lillian Carpenter, Tad LeVan and Amanda Brown (youth); and Trustees: Dot Harris and Fred Schnarr.

Board Members
Class of 2019Class of 2020Class of 2021
Jan Anastasi (2)Erik Hill (2)Vicki Sexton (2)
Linda Blackwell(2)Scott Kintzing (2)Eric Campo
Genie McGovernWendy KunzCheryl Schad
John Franchetti
Andy Tighe (2)Janet DahmerKevin Berrigan (2)
Grace GomezBecky DiGatiLes Parkin (2)
Sue WelchJoyce Mixner (2)Ed Parkin
Rick GablerDon Tatham (2)Amanda Hill
Wendy HillSue Gerard
Youth Members: Becca Brown Larry Diehlman, Colin Witherspoon
Jean Hills (2)Larry GeigerJoe Federici (2)
Karen DeLabar (2)Glenn WitherspoonDale McIntyre
Bob RobertsJesse Edick
Auditers: Dave Brown (2), Jesse Edick (2), Jon Hill (2)
*(2) designates 2nd term