January 2023

Happy New Year!! As we begin 2023, I would invite you to join me in this prayer written by Rev. Jill Duffield:

God of our past, present, and future, as the calendar turns and we greet another year, we ask not so much for answers to those
questions that perplex us, but for confidence in your never-failing care for us.

As we reflect on the year we leave behind, we begin with gratitude for the moments and the milestones in which we experienced
your presence. As we look to the year ahead, we start with hope for a kinder, more just, lavishly loving world. Through all the years, we depend on the abundance of your grace, the generosity of your mercy and the unwavering promise of your compassion.

Aid us, Almighty God, when we fail to be the people you create and call us to be. Comfort us, Abba, when we face times of sadness, loss, and grief. Admonition us, Lord of all, when we neglect the teachings of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Guide us, Triune God, all the days of this new year, and indeed, every day of our lives until that time when we see you face to face. Amen.

I am thankful for this congregation and those who have shared their gifts that we might share the love of Christ in the world. I am excited about the possibility of a new year and hope that you will fully participate in the worship, study, and service of this congregation!!

Please make note of the following dates:

  • January 2 No meetings
  • January 9 Task Force meetings at 7pm
  • January 16 Board of Trustees at 7pm
  • January 23 Stated Session Meeting at 7pm
  • January 20 Deacons meeting at 6:30pm
  • January 29 Annual Congregational Meeting
  • immediately following 10am worship

May the God of our past, present and future continue to guide our journey into 2023!

In Christ,
Rev. Dr. Philip W. Oehler, Sr.