It is that time of year when everyone starts to put up their Christmas decorations and listen to holiday music. This season always
seems to make people more friendly and joyful, but I suppose that is what holiday cheer will do to you! I absolutely love this time of year, and I cannot think of a better way to kick off the Christmas season than with the church’s annual Christmas Advent party.

This year’s party will be held on Sunday, November 27th after service from 11:30- 1 pm. This event is always a wonderful introduction to the holiday season, and I would love to see all of our church family there!

The Christmas Advent party has been one constant throughout my nearly seven years working in the Christian Education position, but things are always changing here at the church. The time of our Sunday School classes has changed, and we now offer these classes during church service at 10:15 am. It seems that this new time change is going very well, and I cannot thank the teachers enough for their willingness to adjust to the new schedule and their desire to teach the church’s youth. It surely does take a village to pull off this routine every Sunday, and I thank everyone who is a part of making this run smoothly.

Another one of my duties at the church is flower coordinator, and I am currently in the midst of getting the Christmas orders ready! If you would like to place a flower order for Christmas, please let me know by November 27th. You can see me about placing an order anytime during service on Sundays or reach me at the church office. These flower orders will help us make the sanctuary a beautiful scene for Christmas time.

I hope you all are excited for the beginning of the holiday season and the opportunities this time of year gives us to come together as a congregation.

Kristen Connell-Franchetti
Christian Ed and Office Admin