I imagine this was a question that ran through the minds of many, if not all, of the Disciples on the Saturday after Christ’s crucifixion. Even after the discovery of the open tomb and the appearance of Jesus in different forms; I am certain there was confusion. Christ was risen but what happens now?

Well, they were to learn and it took some time, but Jesus assured them that he would be with them as they continued his work. He assured them also that he would send the Advocate, the Holy Spirit to guide them on their way and to be their strength.

We now see ourselves in such a similar position. We gathered to celebrate the march into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and we were moved as that day evolved into the beginning of the Passion of Christ. We came to the supper before the arrest and trial; and we gathered again the next evening to weep, to mourn and to acknowledge the greatest gift given to mankind. Then came Easter, bright, colorful and alive with Hosannahs and jubilation. We were lifted up and inspired in the largest in person gathering in our regular services in months; and then we went to our homes to be with family and friends. The next day Easter seemed over, but it most certainly is not. When we examine the Liturgical Calendar we notice there are 6 more weeks of Easter, culminating in Pentecost, and we, just like the followers some 2,000 years ago have a lot to do.

As, we mentioned last Sunday, so much is happening in the life of the church. As I write this, I look forward, like many, to Alex Brown’s recital this evening and to the prayer vigil tomorrow night in the prayer garden. Come next Sunday we have a speaker from Family Promise and then the Goepel Memorial Pancake breakfast. We witnessed two lovely baptisms a few weeks ago, and more are scheduled in the months ahead. Our YCC will be starting on May 8. On Pentecost they will join the church and we will be honoring 12 50-year members. Bible studies continue to meet and the community dinner is returning to almost normal. There are women’s retreats, mission projects and ministries ongoing and all three leadership boards are reorganizing for a new church year. We will continue to do God’s will and do so with joyful and loving hearts; because we too have the assurance that the Lord is with us in all things and that we are not alone. Let us honor all the Saints of the Church, by truly being the body of Christ. Thanks be to God.

Milt Fredericks
Lay Pastor of Congregational Care