As spring gives us hints of things to come, the world is slowly coming back. More and more activities are springing back. With this, I have decided to give up Covid for Lent… Beginning on Sunday, March 6 we will welcome all interested choir members to “come back” to choir!

There will be a few differences. The choir will meet in the sanctuary at 8:45 each Sunday morning. We will rehearse around the piano. During the service choir members from the congregation will stay in the front pews and sing facing the choir loft. Our section leaders will remain in the choir loft. Choir members are welcome to continue to wear masks if they wish.

Hopefully, this will allow those who have missed singing the opportunity to participate. We will continue to follow this procedure through the spring months. After 3 years we may have a full choir for Easter!

I also encourage those who have thought about joining to come and give it a try. This may prove to be an easy transition into becoming a choir member.

Regardless, we are all singing each Sunday as part of our worship experience. The organ is pumped up and the congregation is responding with exuberant and joyful singing. This is the best way for us to show our gratitude and to praise God!

I strongly encourage those who have not yet been back to our in-house worship, to return. Online is a tool for those who are not able to attend, not a substitute for corporate worship, which is at the core of our beliefs.

“Praise God with Singing”

Jack Hill
Minister of Music