What is “Christmas”?

It is three words: God in flesh; or four syllables: in-car-na-tion. The Gospel according to John (1:14) tells us, “The Word became flesh and lived among us, … full of grace and truth.” Christmas proclaims that God has come in flesh, has come “to save us all from Satan’s power.” Christmas celebrates far more than a birthday; Christmas acclaims the advent of messianic salvation. Christ was sent among us in order to save us…

What we pay homage to at Christmas, therefore, is that the ultimate fulfillment of God’s saving purpose begins with the birth of Jesus, the messianic Savior. God’s only Son is born among us in order to save the world. This is the message of Christmas…

From the beginning of time, God’s saving purpose has been at work. God has raised up the seed of Abraham, including Moses and Gideon and Samson and John the Baptist. Through all these generations, God has been faithfully at work raising persons to bring us the Davidic Messiah, the messianic King, the Son of the Most High who will ascend the throne of David. Through all of human history, God has been bringing forth Jesus Christ. Now through the birth of the Savior, God’s purpose will be fulfilled. God has acted to save God’s people. The Christ child is born for the saving of the world.  (Companion to the Book of Common Worship (Geneva Press, 2003, 92-93))

I hope that you will join your church family either in-person or on Facebook Live for our 6:30 pm Christmas Eve Service on Friday, December 24.  We will celebrate the birth of the Emmanuel – God with Us as the body of Christ.  This traditional service will include community prayers, a children’s message, scripture, and candle-light singing.  Please make this evening a priority and join us for this joy-filled worship service.

In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Philip W. Oehler, Sr.