YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! Our church is celebrating 300 years of being a Christian community in Woodbury. In September the focus will be on Christian Education- what do you think Sundays were like in 1721? Was there Worship? Was there Sunday School? We need your help to make September a month to remember! There are three ways all ages can help highlight Christian Education.

Bulletin Cover Drawings:
We need all students to think about what they might draw on the cover of the church bulletin to help us imagine a Bible story, or a church school class, or a worship service from 1721. How did people dress for church? Did they all walk to church? Ride horses? Come in a wagon? Draw your ideas on a piece of white paper sized 8.5×11.5 (that is a regular piece of computer paper folded in half). Markers, crayons, paints, or pens can be used.

Prayers to be read in Worship:
Every Sunday we would like a church school student of any age to read a prayer that they have written. It could be about thanking God for 300 years of worshiping in this town, it could be about praying for safety for the preacher who rode his horse from Woodbury to Blackwood on Sunday mornings because both churches shared his time. A prayer for then or for today.

Stories about personal memories of church school:
Every Sunday we would like to have stories about church school memories either printed in the bulletin or read in worship. If you have a favorite story about something that happened in church write it down and send it in.

Prayers and Stories can be submitted on paper or by email. Send to [email protected] or mail to:

Mrs. Diehlman
646 Bismark Avenue
Mantua NJ 08051

Drawings will need to be submitted to the church office or to Mrs. Platt.

Artwork by Laken Franchetti and
Computer Graphics by Sydney Sexton