This past Sunday, Jean Hills gave a Tricentennial Moment about Women in our Church. Some of the highlights were:

  • The first 3 missionaries of our church were women. In 1827, Maria Ogden at the age of 35, went to the Sandwich Islands (now Hawaii) and spent 46 years there.
  • It was over 200 years before women held a spot on a board. In 1942, the first Board of Deacons had 4 women, one of
  • which was Mildred Trask. She went on to become the 1st Woman Elder in 1964.
  • Marie Plag was our first paid secretary. The Marie Plag scholarship in her memory provides scholarships each year to High School seniors attending college.
  • Marilyn Goepel, as a deacon, started our “Annual Goepel Pancake Breakfast”.
  • Florence Meyer served as our church librarian for 40 years.
  • Dee Tanzola started our Alternative Gift Market where donations could be given to missions and charities in lieu of Christmas gifts to friends and family