Slate Tricentennial Tile

Slate Roof Tiles from the Presbyterian Church at Woodbury have been beautifully painted by member Becca Brown.  There are six hand-painted tiles – each with a unique picture of the sanctuary up for auction.

Bidding for a slate tile begins at $100.00 and the highest bidder will receive first choice of the tiles. The remaining five tiles will follow suit in choosing their tile.

Bidding on these one of a kind items began on February 27, 2021 and ends May 16, 2021 at midnight.  Winners will be announced on Pentecost Sunday, May 23, 2021.

Please send bids to Mary Lynne Diehlman at [email protected]

All bids will be acknowledged by email and you will be notified if your bid falls below the top six bids.

Thanks for supporting this fundraising event as we celebrate 300 years as a congregation.