One of the ministries we have been blessed with over the years is our prayer chain. Each week they receive the prayers of the people from the list on Sunday, and they pray for those folks throughout the week.  Currently we have seven faithful servants in this role who do such a wonderful job fulfilling this vital mission. We would like to expand this list, and to offer others to participate as well. There seems to be an unstated consensus that only women or only those of us old enough to remember Neil Armstrong’s big step are qualified to pray for those in need.  This assumption is wrong and so we are reaching out to all, the young, those who may have just joined the church, men, and those who may feel they are not sure how to pray but are willing to learn.  Since I announced this on January 3rd, we have had our first new volunteer, and we hope others of you will think about it, and Pray about it as well.  We live in difficult times and we see anxiety, distress, and suffering all around; and many of us do not quite know what we can do.  Well, we can start with prayer for others, and in doing so I fully believe we will help ease many of our own burdens, for in Christ, all things are possible.  If interested give me a call 423 5692, drop me an email [email protected] or call the church office.   

Thanks be to God.

Milt Fredericks    Lay Pastor of Congregational Care