The topic that I have received to cover is “moments.” Another ironic word to be brought up during the current time, a time where moments have been limited due to quarantining and socially distancing, yet once this word is brought into association with the church, a multitude of memories come to mind ― memories and moments that span throughout my entire lifetime. 

In 1975, I was registered onto the cradle roll, which today is simply known as the nursery, and then I was baptized. From there I went to participate in Sunday school classes with fond teachers that I must mention – Mr. Skinner and Mrs. Hoelle. Then I began to take the next steps in my relationship with God. As I participated in my YCC classes, I collected moments ranging from forming lasting friendships and being led by Mrs. Platt. During the same year of my mission to become a member of the church, one of the largest impacting moments of life had occurred. My father passed away in January of ‘89, only four shy months away from when I was meant to join the church. Several members and friends rallied around me and gave me an environment that allowed me to feel that I could continue my journey with God in a time where it felt unnecessary, and I understood that my dad would have wished for me to continue attending and participating in church. 

After joining the church as a third-generation family member, I was heavily active in the youth group. Moments that I distinctly remember while participating in the youth group include going on multiple ski trips and also attending mission trips to Maine. From having collective sleepovers at the church and exploring our relationships with God, moments from my youth group days remain vivid in my mind. 

As I grew older, more moments were created within the church. John and I got married in November of 1997, Laken was born and baptized, and then we had Teagan. While she was in the NICU and experiencing health issues at only two months old, the church provided me with prayer, and I experienced peace knowing that I had my faith and church family to get me through my hard moments. 

As my children grew older and attended Sunday School classes, an opportunity to create new moments with the church arose. The staff was looking to fill the Christian Education Director position because Mrs. Platt was going to retire. I knew the shoes were going to be big to fill and that the job would come with complications of its own, but I was up for the next journey that would be filled with moments that strengthened my relationship with God. 

Now as a member of staff, I create new moments weekly. A large influence on these moments is the guidance and support provided by Milt Fredericks. Over these past five years, Milt has been a mentor and guided me through a multitude of moments in and out of church. 

The moments that I have mentioned with the church range from those of positive and negative times during my life, yet I would not wish for it to be any other way.

And I hope for all of you that your moments, your experiences and your relationships in our church have been meaningful for you; and will continue to be so.  Let us use these moments precious to us to help build new moments precious to others.