Okay, I know it was really chilly for a few weeks, and it rained, 13 Fridays in a row, and the pollen count is now being measured like snow accumulation; but look around – springtime is a blessing. It is green and lush; the flowers and flowering trees have been spectacular and we all get to exercise more just by cutting the grass twice a week.

When I got to thinking about springtime for our church, I came to realize that we truly do start a new season in many ways and in the process we get the opportunity to count our many blessings; as we look back and then look ahead. To start with the church itself is having a rebirth; the repairs and painting of the Sanctuary are almost complete; we have a great new air conditioning system in the Chapel and our opportunities for expanding our ministry increases.

Our officers rotate through this month and so we give thanks for the blessing for those who have served two terms and now go into a “temporary” retirement. Elders Jan Anastasi and Linda Blackwell; Trustees Karen DeLabar and Jean Hills; Deacon Andy Tighe and Youth Deacons, Larry Diehlman, Becca Brown, and Colin Witherspoon.

But, this ushers in the blessing of new officers. Elders – Lori Wadding and Donna Gabler; Trustee – Bernie Carlson and Youth Deacons – Laken Franchetti, Eric Campo Jr. and Meg Witherspoon.

We had three new members join this past Sunday and we anticipate more in the coming months; and we have a Youth Confirmation class about to join our family at Pentecost. We will be honoring the teachers for the past year and looking ahead to a new season in the Fall.

Spring is in the air and it refreshes our spirit; just as the Holy Spirit refreshes our commitment to Christ. Look around, take notice for you can feel the change, you can feel the energy and it is uplifting and a true blessing. Thanks be to God

Milt Fredericks Lay Pastor of Congregational Care