As many of you may now know our Congregational/Corporation meeting will be held on Sunday, January 28th at 4:00 PM in the Sanctuary. But, it will not be your ordinary meeting set up. We have met at 10:30 – right after worship and we have met at noon, following Sunday School. I can remember meetings that lasted over an hour and a few that lasted just over 10 minutes. Some years there were a lot of questions and some years there were none; which considering all that goes on in our church seems almost impossible.

Nevertheless; this year we wanted to incorporate the meetings as part of a worship experience as well. We wanted to frame the reports, facts and presentations within liturgy, hymns and prayers. There will be the normal business to attend to; but added in will be reports which directly talk about future missions and possibilities for our church.

When you examine the booklet you will be given, when you hear some of these reports and when you think back on the varied proactive groups and committees we are blessed to have; I believe you will find it energizing. There are so many great stories here; because there are so many great stories written each day and week from our congregation.

Then, following the service; all will gather in Fellowship Hall for a dinner catered by Rodes. The cost of the meal is basically covered by various Task Forces and committees within the church. To help with the cost we will have our own people serve and clean up; and we may have a love offering as well.

One of the focuses of the gathering will be to reinforce our re-committal to the work of Christ in our church and in our own lives. So we would like to invite you to more than a meeting; but instead to a gathering of your church family for this unique opportunity for worship and fellowship.

See you there,
Milt Fredericks
Lay Pastor of Congregational Care