Teaching music has been a life time experience for me. It seems that wherever I am there is an opportunity to talk and discuss the wonderful world of music. Everyone has some relationship with music that has touched them in ways that defy description. I believe that we all have a desire to understand this. Perhaps we never will. I believe that the ability to feel and respond to music is a God given gift. Music can touch our inner spirit in ways that we can only begin to express. It heals us, enriches our lives and helps us discover beauty. No wonder we are so curious.
Singing is a part of music that allows the person to become an instrument. When singing, your whole being is immersed in the creation of music. There is no evaluation of this. We can all passively enjoy the beauty of another’s voice but that is different from being the voice.
God gave each of us the ability to use our voice to express music. Denying yourself this gift is short of living an unfulfilled life. Would we willingly go through life not using our legs? Of course not, but is that any different than not using your God given gift of your voice?
Although it appears dramatic, I believe it states a fact. Don’t allow previous insecurities either imposed of self-inflicted to prevent you from experiencing the joy associated with lifting your voice in song. The church is one of the few places left in our society where you can feel safe and just sing.
It’s never too late. Once you open up and allow the Spirit to move you, I believe you will never turn back.
Enjoy this wonderful God given gift each Sunday as we together express our love of God while singing together.
God bless you all,
Jack Hill, Minister of Music