A Full Fall Schedule

by Kristen Franchetti

Ok, every year at this time we all say that same thing, “where did the summer go.” Truth be told, the same place all seasons go and remember there is still a month left. That being said Christian Education is ready to roll into an exciting and inviting new season. It all starts with Rally […]

Beginners Class Volunteers

by Kristen Franchetti

VOLUNTEERS are needed for the 1st Sunday of each month. You would be responsible for watching the 3-5 year olds after the Children’s Chat. Contact the church office or Kristen Franchetti if you can help out.

Woodbury Car Show

by pcw1rick

The church will be “open” during the Car Show on Saturday, August 31st from 9-2. Activities will include a prayer tree, music recitals on the hour, and distributing water bottles with the church logo. Please sign up in the chapel if you would be willing to volunteer that day. Thank you!

From the Pastor: Safe Evacuations

by Phil Oehler

In a recent article on the PCUSA website, there was discussion about congregational plans for safe evacuations, “All churches should engage in emergency planning so that when an incident occurs, staff and church leaders follow safe procedures. Potential emergencies can arise from acts of God (hurricanes, snow storms), accidents (electrical fire, flooding), and acts of […]

School Supply Donations

by pcw1rick

G.W.C.M. is taking donations of school supplies for the children of their clients. They are looking for bookbags, notebooks, pencils, crayons, etc. You can bring them to the church and place them in the shopping cart in the Chapel.

Vital Congregations Initiative

by pcw1rick

Fall Leadership Training Sunday Mornings: 11:00 am – Noon The Presbytery of West Jersey has been asked to participate in a pilot program for the Presbyterian Church USA during the next two years. The Presbyterian Church at Woodbury will be involved in the Vital Congregations Initiative! The purpose is to work alongside mid council leadership, […]

300th Anniversary Timeline

by pcw1rick

There is a timeline on the wall in the Chapel. There will be post-it notes near the timeline. We ask you to think of the defining moments in this congregation within your memory. Please add events to the time line that you believe are important to the life of the church. Events that were positive […]

Tricentennial Meeting

by pcw1rick

Thursday, September 5 @ 7:00 pm TRICENTENNIAL MEETING will be held on Thursday, Sept. 5th at 7:00 pm. There is still a lot to be done and planned for our 300th year. Everyone is invited to come and help support this cause! This is our time to celebrate our history!

Rally Day Picnic

by pcw1rick

Red Bank Battlefield Park National Park, NJ Sunday, September 8, 12:00 Noon-3:00 pm SAVE THE DATE!! Join us for Worship Service at 9:30 AM Meet and Greet the Sunday School Teachers at 10:45 AM Church Picnic at 12:00 Noon at Red Bank Battlefield Please sign up in the chapel, call the church office or email […]

Birthday Plans

by Jack Hill

Believe it or not, we are fast approaching our church’s 300th Anniversary in 2021. Our committee has been meeting and plans are being formulated. We have chosen our theme. The words can be found in the old hymn “Take My Life”. By Frances Havergal. These words are timeless and the committee felt that they have […]