Trustees of The Presbyterian Church at Woodbury meet on the 2nd Monday of each month. The group is responsible for managing the financial assets as well as the physical assets of the church. Members are asked to represent the congregation on various church committees as needed. This is done primarily by having each Trustee assigned to various sub-committees that address items such as: Heating/AC/Plumbing/Utilities, Church Buildings (Church, Chapel, Christian Education wing), Margaret’s House, Cemetery, Budget, Insurance, Memorial Fund Investment, Nominating, Personnel, and Stewardship. Monthly reports regarding the activities of each sub-committee are then given at the Trustees monthly meeting.

Trustees are an elected office. New members are first nominated through the Nominating Committee and then approved by the congregation. Service is for a three-year term.

Karen DeLabar468-2761
Jesse Edick609-377-9275
Joe Federici (President)589-4142
(c) 340-9910
Larry Geiger (Vice President)217-3830
Dot Harris468-6703
(c) 609-221-2457
Jean Hills224-1817
Fred Schnarr227-6466
(c) 981-1580
Glenn Witherspoon384-5927
(c) 609-221-2661
Bob Roberts848-7141