July is here, and many of us are on a summer routine. A different time of schedule. No school, longer days and time for vacation, but the reality is that the ministry of Jesus Christ continues through the summer months at the Presbyterian Church at Woodbury. The Vision Committee put in place by the Congregation at our annual congregational meeting is working on long range plans during July and August. They have been wrestling with questions about our ministry, our gifts and our history. The Vision Committee needs your help!

Beginning on Sunday, July 7th, we are placing a timeline on the wall in the Chapel. There will be post-it notes near the timeline. We ask you to think of the defining moments in this congregation within your memory. Please add events to the time line that you believe are important to the life of the church. Events that were positive in the life of the church and events that were negative in the life of the church. We are seeking to review our history: who we have been, who we are and who is God calling us to be moving through our 300th Anniversary. Please add as many events to the timeline as you believe are important.

The Vision Committee has been seeking to discern how we will serve Jesus Christ beyond our 300th Anniversary. At the conclusion of each meeting, we have prayed Thomas Merton’s prayer for discernment. Please pray this prayer with the Vision Committee:

Prayer by Thomas Merton

O Lord God, I have no idea where I am going, I do not see the road ahead of me, I cannot know for certain where it will end.

Nor do I really know myself, And that fact that I think I am following Your will Does not mean that I am actually doing so.

But I believe That the desire to please You Does in fact please You. And I hope I have that desire In all that I am doing.

I hope that I will never do anything Apart from that desire to please You. And I know that if I do this You will lead me by the right road, Though I may k now nothing about it.

Therefore, I will trust You always Though I may seem to be lost And in the shadow of death. I will not fear, For You are ever with me, And You will never leave me To make my journey alone. Amen

In Christ,