Since the last newsletter article in June, more projects have been
completed. We continue to repair and refurbish our buildings in the
hope that they will serve our congregation well for many years to

The following projects have been completed:

  1. Contracted with William Gross to try to eliminate/reduce numerous leaks in
    the building, this included repair of shingles, reset gutters, install waterproof
    sealer on masonry walls and improvements to the flat roof.
  2. Investigated installation of solar panels, etc. to reduce the energy bill.
    Attended meeting with representative and reviewed proposal.
  3. Repairs and ultimate replacement to the electrical panel that operates sanctuary
  4. Purchased a large commercial refrigerator funded by a grant from Investors
    Bank to be used primarily for the community dinner.
  5. Removed the hump in the doorway from the chapel to the sanctuary.
  6. Received quotes for replacement of windows, painting and wall repairs in the
    sanctuary and awaiting authorization.
  7. Attended seminar regarding the cemetery and options regarding its use.
  8. Contracted to have condensate piping joints sealed in the attic to reduce ceiling
    leaks in the sanctuary.
  9. Sealed areas in the attic that squirrels entered above choir room. Trapped and
    removed 7 squirrels.
  10. Cleaned carpets in sanctuary and floors in Fellowship Hall.
  11. Two chairs repaired.
  12. Youth Office and The Rock cleaned and painted.
  13. New Air Conditioner installed in the Christian Ed Office
  14. Humidifier installed in the piano in the Sanctuary.
  15. Metal slats cut and installed in the kitchen ceiling.